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Plastic tableware safety knowledge Raiders

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2019/03/27 08:53
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Plastic products daily application is very extensive, light people to contact every day there are food packaging plastic bags, food packing plastic box, plastic bottle for drinking water, eat with utensils. These products are in direct contact with food, a direct impact on people's health and safety.
In daily life, plastic tableware with more and its bright color, beautiful shape, low price and other factors more by consumers. Is usually made of plastic tableware is a thermosetting plastic, commonly used in the manufacture of bowl, dish, chopsticks,  spoon and other tableware. It takes the melamine, formaldehyde resin as the main raw material, adding proper amount of cellulose filler and other auxiliary materials colorants.
Thermosetting plastic tableware look and feel like porcelain, acid and alkali resistance, surface hardness and impact strength are relatively high, long service life, it can be cleaned, disinfected at 120 DEG C in the dishwasher. The same size of tableware, melamine tableware ceramic tableware than light, but not so easily broken porcelain, so, in particular by the parents of infants and young children welcome. Because of the particularity of melamine plastic molecular structure, it is not suitable for use in microwave oven, otherwise it is very easy to crack. Melamine tableware in melamine, if not entirely by polymerization, will also have a part to thaw out in food. The market had been seized with urea formaldehyde resin or phenol formaldehyde resin made of "melamine tableware, melamine tableware" its shape and authentic is very similar,  the average person is not easy to identify, but contain formaldehyde is very high, especially through heating, or for the "hot" food more easily precipitation, so should go to regular stores to buy melamine tableware authentic factory production.
Because of the strengthening of promotion of technology and market supervision, the quality of plastic tableware has been greatly improved, but because of the production enterprises disorderly, market supervision is not comprehensive enough, a lot of unqualified products into the market, quality problems occur frequently. One of the main have a problem of formaldehyde exceed the standard and primary aromatic amines exceed the standard etc.. Exposure to health effects, serious or carcinogenic. Therefore, in the purchase of goods is sure to go to regular stores to buy, and look for the security identification.

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