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In 2013 China melamine tableware market structure analysis - Shandong Shunda melamine tableware

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2019/03/27 08:53
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A melamine tableware products, the market structure of melamine plastic tableware also known as melamine tableware, combines the advantages of ceramic and plastic, is an international popular environmental protection tableware. Melamine tableware tray, bowl, chopsticks cover,  plate, spoon, snack plate (box), cup, Tang Zhong etc.. Melamine tableware with its good performance, in the domestic, aviation tableware, tableware for children, as well as in many fast food restaurants, melamine tableware are widely used, by the vast number of consumers and the love of children.
Two, the market structure of melamine melamine tableware brand industry is a labor intensive industry, at present the melamine tableware industry has shown some overall strength is very strong, has a group of management level is higher, the scale is relatively large enterprises and famous brand products. For example Quanzhou mecame melamine tableware Co., Ltd, Huizhou five and Industrial Co. Ltd., Fujian province Nanan City Heng melamine products Co. Ltd., Shanghai Meier densly amine products Co. Ltd., Kunshan series Fumeinai magnetic products Co., etc.. China's melamine tableware market is booming at the same time, there are also some problems, in addition to a small number of large enterprises, most enterprises in China brand of small scale, most belonging to the regional brand, enterprise scale is relatively small, compared with the international brand, in less competitive overseas. The lack of competitive advantage of small brands are mainly embodied in two aspects: one is the technical disadvantages; the two is the inferior scale.
Three, melamine tableware regional market structure of China's melamine tableware enterprises obvious regional distribution, mainly distributed in the east of china. In the industrial base of Quanzhou as an example, in recent years, Quanzhou city has gradually become domestic exports of plastic products (melamine tableware) one of the main base. Quanzhou city has a total export of melamine tableware production more than 40 enterprises, products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, has rapidly developed into a large export of new products. Like Quanzhou melamine industry brought about by the development of the area, but also in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing and other places of melamine industry plays a leading role in the economy. China melamine tableware, melamine tableware four enterprise distribution channel structure of market of our country at present melamine tableware products sales diversified channels coexist. That is, the integrated use of various sales channels, their respective strengths.
Melamine tableware domestic sales generally use the direct and indirect sales combination, the main dealers have agency, factory direct sales, e-commerce etc.. The channel model in the help of melamine tableware enterprises to achieve the sales targets at the same time, also has made a great contribution to the rapid development of melamine tableware industry. Direct selling is conducive not only to reduce operating costs, can establish development, market oriented production system; while the agency is through middlemen to achieve market expansion of the effective form, its purpose is to compensate for its lack of sales ability, improve enterprise regional brand influence. Electronic commerce is only in recent years began to use sales channels form, because of its convenience and low cost, more and more melamine tableware manufacturers began using this sales channels. At present, melamine tableware products terminal sales channels mainly in the form of: wholesale markets, supermarkets, stores and Internet sales. The wholesale market is the largest sales channels of melamine tableware.

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